The Waterfall Game


The Waterfall Game is a drinking game for three or more players of 18+ years of age with a duration of about fifteen to thirty minutes. All you need to play is a Waterfall card game and the beverages of your choice.
The Waterfall Game is best played with beer or mixed drinks. Beverages which are higher in percentage (e.g. liquor) may also be used, of course. An alcohol free variation with soft drinks is fun, too.
In case you want to play The Waterfall Game with high percentage alcohol, we recommend taking the “Deal 10” card out of the game.


3 players or more
age 18 plus (depending on the legal drinking age of your country!)


The Waterfall Card Game
alcoholic or other beverages

Like any other drinking game, playing The Waterfall Game requires a responsible use of alcohol.
Hence you should always make sure that all players are old enough to legally drink alcohol and that alcohol consumption is kept in reasonable bounds. Keeping that in mind, there‘s nothing in the way of an enjoyable game experience!